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smallville season 5 teaser

its out! the new season looks bitchin... i put a direct download on my site if u wanna check it out.
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Thanks!! I'll defintely check it out.. I can't wait for Smallville season 5!
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The season premier was fantastic!
And can you believe that Spike (James Marsters) is playing Brainiac?
He was excellent in Buffy, which I have the complete set of DVD's.
This season looks like it's going to be the best so far!
And what's up with Clark loosing all his powers?
Wonder how long that will last?
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yeah.. it was soooo AWESOME!!! Spike was really great.
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I wonder how many episodes Smallville is going to go before they give Clark back his powers...
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Spoiler: Clark will get them back by the end of the next episode, "Hidden", which airs Oct. 13th, this Thursday.

Synopsis (MAJOR spoilers below the 2nd grey blob):

Spoiler: The WB's Official Description:
- CLARK IS SHOT! - Chloe (Allison Mack) is warned by Gabriel (guest star Johnny Lewis) that he is going to set off a missile and obliterate all of Smallville. Still stripped of his super powers, Clark confronts Gabriel and ends up getting shot. In the hospital, Clark flatlines and his fate is left in Jor-El's hands. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) believes Lionel (John Glover) has the key to open the spaceship. Kristin Kreuk, Erica Durance, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders wrote the episode directed by Whitney Ransick (#2T6403).

TV Guide's Description:
- Clark is shot and Chloe is kidnapped by a computer wiz who has programmed a missile to annihilate Smallville in hopes of ridding the world of the town's "meteor freaks." Elsewhere, Lex questions Lana about the spaceship she saw. Gabriel: Johnny Lewis.

Teaser (scene edited/changed 7/26/05):
- The episode starts with a Lieutenant Bledsoe inside a control room. He holds a gun. Someone sneaks up behind him, seemingly out of nowhere. It's a young man named Gabriel. He demands Bledsoe's help in opening a door with two key holes simultaneously fifteen feet apart. He threatens Bledsoe and says that if he doesn't help, he'll finish Bledsoe's colleague Taylor, who is unconscious on the floor. They get in, and Gabriel then turns and drills a bullet into Bledsoe, killing him. He then rotates and fires into Taylor, and then attaches something to a cell phone and dials.

And then the action moves to outside of the Talon...
- Where we see Chloe's VW with a "Met U" bumpersticker. Her car is filled with all of the things she'll need to relocate for college - computer, clothes, lamps, and that sort of thing. She answers her cell phone... and the caller is Gabriel, the guy you saw in the previous scene. He calls Chloe and warns her to get out of town. He says "How much time did I spend at the Torch helping you chase 'the' big story?... In one hour, you're going to get it."
- Gabriel sets down his phone. A digital clock ticks down, and behind it is a large Plexiglas window. Beyond the window is a cylindrical metal form. There's a painted American flag on its tubular structure, with the words "United States of America" beside it. It's an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. I smell trouble...

- Clark and Chloe discuss the call she received from Gabriel. He tells her that her approach to journalism apparently got someone's attention. "Either way, he trusts you. Maybe we don't have to search every silo," Clark tells her.
- Chloe improvises, and calls Gabriel pretending she has had car troubles. We learn that Sheriff Adams wasn't able to trace the number for some reason. Clark pushes the VW Bug off to the side of the road into the gravel. The script bits say "Clark strains with all of his human strength," which implies that his powers may still be gone.

Sheriff Adams Investigates
- Sheriff Adams goes to a missile silo to find out what's going on, and finds that it's empty. "The signal didn't come from here," a soldier tells her.

Clark and Chloe Investigate Too!
- Clark and Chloe end up at Gabriel's farm house. As they enter, they see Gabriel has his own version of a Wall of Weird - articles about meteor freaks are plastered on the wall. Chloe makes a reference to "those of us who can't crush metal with our bare hands" right to Clark, so yep, she and him have definitely talked by now.

In a Luthorcorp warehouse...
- We see the black spaceship! But that's all we know about that!

Lex Tries To Get Into The Ship
- Lex meets with a technician who is using different types of lasers to try and break into the black ship from the season finale. "For every question in the universe, there is an answer," Lex tells him. "If you find that task too challenging, I'll find someone who doesn't."

Lex Confronts Lionel
- Lex then goes to visit Lionel at Belle Reve.
- Lex demands that Lionel tells him what the Kryptonian symbols mean. Lex accuses him of playing games, like he did when he did the "blind routine" or when he was pretending to be "born again."
- "You can never open it," Lionel tells Lex. "Only he can open it."

And then...
- Chloe and Gabriel meet up. Gabriel offers to take Chloe with him. Clark tackles him, but gets elbowed in the face, which makes him bleed. A gunshot rings out. Clark has been shot, right in front of Chloe. Gabriel takes Chloe, shoves a gun to her side, and demands that she comes with him.

In Act Three...
- Gabriel's taken Chloe with him and we learn that the second meteor shower has left behind 10 times "more rock" than the first meteor shower did. It sounds like Gabriel wants to destroy Smallville so there will be no more meteor freaks. We also learn Gabriel's dad had always warned him about "the meteor freaks in this town."

At Smallville Medical Center...
- Clark is rushed into Smallville Medical Center. Jonathan and Martha see him in the corridor, and are told he's been shot. The ER doctor tells him that it looks like the bullet has pierced Clark's lung. "Bullet?" Jonathan asks, surprised. Clark is wheeled into the operating room.
- Lana visits the hospital as soon as she hears Clark has been shot. "They found Chloe's car in a ditch and Clark had been shot," Jonathan tells her.

In Act Four...
- Lana walks down the corridor with a doctor with a somber look on her face. It's obvious what's happened. The ER doctor gives the Kents some bad news. "We lost him," the doctor says. Suddenly, a nurse runs up to the doctor's side, a bit rattled. "We've got a problem."
- The Doctor, Lana, Jonathan, and Martha run to Clark's room, to find the bed is empty. Cut to:

The Fortress of Solitude
- Clark wakes as bright, reflected light dances on his skin. What happens next? We don't know, but this is going to be hard to explain to Lana, that's for sure!

And in case you were wondering...
- Clark DOES get his powers back at episode's end.

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lol, good thing I didn't read your post until after I watched the episode =P
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They're really developing James Marsters part great.
Right now, he's just college Professor Milton Fine,
supposedly going after Lex Luthor and LuthorCorp.
And he's getting Clark to go along with him.
It's gonna be good to see how this evolves into the classic
battle between Superman and Brainiac.

And how 'bout Lois in that bikini last night?

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When does Lois actually get involved with Clarke? Cause I cant stand Lana Lang. She should go quickly. Bring on Lana Lang and start flying Clark!
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Thursday nights episode was fun.
Finally we got to see one of the things Brainiac can do,
when he speared the guard through the chest with his finger.
But I've seen that before, when the shapeshifting cyborg
in Terminator 2 did the same thing.
Nothing new there, so lets hope they come up with better.

And I love all the subtle things they say referring to the old Superman stuff,
like when Clark was dressed as Zoro at the costume party,
and said "I like the cape, but I don't like the mask".
That was pretty good.

And I really liked all the references to Buffy.
Like naming the vampire leader of the sorority "Buffy"
And the professor saying "There's no such thing as vampires".
That was pretty cool coming from Spike.
And Carrie Fisher as the editor of the Daily Planet
telling Chloe that no one would read a story about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
That was good too.

Now on to next week, one I'm really looking forward to.
Tom Wopat reunites with John Schneider from the old Dukes of Hazzard show.
This will be great, especially for those of us
who watched that show back in the late 70's/early 80's.
And...Lois becomes a dancer at a strip joint...


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Wow more SmallFans :P

Do you thing that is getting closer the day when Clark uses the suite?

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I'm pretty sure theres still a ways to go till good ole Clark puts on the red and blue tights.
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Guys get ready for...LEX...mas!
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Hi new guy here .. I'm desperate to find the name of the song that is played over Clark and Lana's kiss at the end of the season 5 opener ... anyone whith the dvd set know or remember .. I just heard it and its killing me. Cheers all!
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Smallville is one of my favorite tv shows
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It is one of my best shows. I am watching its each and every episode on regular basis.
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