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apply column choices & sizes *globally* in medial library?

Hi there!

Maybe I'm doing this wrong? In the media library, I'd like to have control over which columns appear, in what order, and how wide each of them is. I can do that for any given smart view, but I want these changes to apply to *ALL* smart views. Is there one view that works as the template? It's such a waste of time to have to manually change every one if there's a minor adjustment.


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I'd even settle for being able to designate the "default" columns and column order ... so that upon creation of new SmartViews the view appears as I want it. This is slightly different than the above request where changes are dynamically applied globally.

Is this possible?
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If you can work it out, the file to edit (in eg. Notepad) is:
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Thanks for the tip DJ Egg.

Unfortunetly, much like the other threads referencing attempts to edit default.vmd ... my attempt to designate the default columns failed.

Despite my best efforts, I could not get Winamp to change the default columns (or column lengths) that come up when creating a new SmartView.
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it's a shame nobody is answering this issue...

this issue comes up to my mind, every time i start winamp.. and it's to bad it can not be solved!
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also search for winamp backup tool.

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