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Survival Camping Shows

dual survival, survivorman (ended iirc), man woman wild, and man vs wild (ended as well to the best of my knowledge).

roommate and i really like watching these types of shows, what about the rest of you?

personally, we found man vs wild first, bear grylls sure seems like superman with a british accent, but then again he also recieves the most help from his camera crews & other people involved with the show so it's the least authentic.

found survivorman after that, by far one of the best survival shows out there, seems immeasurably more authentic than any of the others as he gets lost alone and does the filming himself with no crew although i'd be lying if i said he didn't carry a GPS beacon for emergencies in case he needs to be hospitalized, he does pretty nearly never use one except for an episode or two total, sadly this one is also ended as far as i can tell.

man woman wild, pretty decent one but the guy's voice just..... i don't know it's hard to tell, it's like he's faking that voice kinda like the last batman movie, they definitely seem to accommodate for his wife but then again it'd be unfair not to as she has almost no survival skills and the show centers around him teaching her techniques he already knows, all in all not bad, not really sure i'd call this one the type that seems too authentic either.

dual survival is the latest one we've found and been watching, it's also probably my second favorite of all, it doesn't seem overly staged or unauthentic although i bet it compares surprisingly to survivorman in that regard, this series focuses on two men both know pretty opposite types of survival skills and ideologies, the primitive guy though cody lundeen (no clue if that's correct, no real enthusiasm to check either, everyone spells their name wrong to a point) he's the type of person i wouldn't want to go survival camping with but in all honesty they do both pull their weight equally so i guess it's more just the piss into the wind for a shower mentality to a point, still really entertaining though.

so... what about you all? you watch any of these shows? know any other good ones? got something to say about the topic in general?

hopefully me and my roomy can manage to go get lost in the woods here in oregon sometime next month maybe or so, definitely hoping to get some good roughing it camping in, would like to try surviving out in the desert in eastern oregon, but i know for a fact that'd be a death sentence considering how often the two of us do it, for now anyway.

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Cannot stand Bear Grylls, his show just feels too staged.

jaz and I watched a couple episodes of this one, Alaska Experiment. We liked it because it was about the average joe trying to survive.
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sounds sorta like that survival thing they did in jersey a while back, they took like 10 people or so having different skill sets and left them to survive in an abandoned warehouse district in jersey that'd been cut off (fenced in really) from the rest of the area.

was pretty cool but then again i can't really it on authenticity since the invaders were quite obviously incredibly staged/timed.

still it was interesting to watch though, you realize it's not realistic pretty fast when the science skills guy (old man who almost resembles einstein) starts building all sorts of crazy tasing weapons and firethrowers though

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That's cool man.....
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Survival Camping Shows

I was like that. The only new things I took on were Warehouse 13 and SGU.. Oh, and V.

So I guess I was nothing like that last year...

But I did recall saying no to other shows because theres only so much TV you can watch.

But now that Heroes and Trauma are gone, I decided its okay to take on one in the place of two. Thats progress.
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I wish they had finished V. It was pretty lame that they dropped it mid story. Warehouse 13... good show...
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