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Setup Listen Relay Using Dynamic Hosts

I have a need to listen to a stream which is not at a static ip address, but can be found if both primary and secondary addresses are entered into the relay field.
Is this possible and if so what is the method ? :

IE format for field etc;;

The two addresses are not consecutive ie,

The device sending the stream is on
Port forward has been enabled on router.

Any help or suggestions would be welcome.

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if you have port forwarding setup correctly. all you need is the external ip address (WAN) of your router/modem. usually this is the ip shown here: https://www.google.com/search?q=ip

generally this is a dynamic ip address, and can change at any time depending on the rules of your ISP.

one of the easiest ways to ensure you are always reaching your home ip address even after it changes is to use DNS. more specifically dynamic DNS. usually consists of a small client you run on a computer behind your router. it will detect when your ip changes and update a DNS hostname you can create with the service. if you set up a hostname such as radio.no-ip.com, you would then use radio.no-ip.com:PORT, using the external port from your port forwarding setup on your router.

google around for dynamic dns services. theres a few, which are also free.

most ISP's will give you a nice long DHCP lease on your ip. i think i have had the same ip for almost a year now. so i generally dont use dynamic dns on my home network. if the ip ever changes, i just set the DNS A record to the new ip manually.

please also keep in mind that when your ip changes, it can take up to ~24 hours for those changes to propagate across the internets dns servers if your using dynamic dns services.
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Setup Listen Relay Using Dynamic Hosts


Thankyou for the info on Dynamic hosts,certainly some food for thought on which way to go with this.

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