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Why women still can't have it all.

It’s time to stop fooling ourselves, says a woman who left a position of power: the women who have managed to be both mothers and top professionals are superhuman, rich, or self-employed. If we truly believe in equal opportunity for all women, here’s what has to change.

Oh cry me a river. This poor gal lost her position at Princeton because she took more than 2 years off.

It was a "rude epiphany".

STFU and get me a beer. That's what has to change. It's time to stop fooling ourselves. When we see women lacking anything to bitch about make some shit up...... That's a "rude epiphany".

Her husband must be a saint or a drooling idiot.

I saw this gal on Colbert. OMG! Women still do 2/3rds of the housework!

I lived with one of these. "I'll get right on the dishes, after I finish putting the transmission back in your car, build 2 kid bikes, chop a cord of firewood and mow the lawn. Yes dear, I know I need a shower. So does the dog. We're going together. What am I making for dinner before I go to work?"

What really strikes me is that when you finally get tired and divorce them they look astonished.

So.. here's what has to change. Find a good partner that's got your back and appreciate it.... and STFU. Put your bra back on. You look like a cow. Get me a beer if you're up. Maybe we could keep the drama below 115% of red line.

I'll tell you why people are unhappy. It's because of yackety, yackety, yak like this article and that Ann Slaughter gets paid to write drivel like this.

And if you wanted to start WWIII, whether you're a man or a woman considering at all who does more is a fools errand.

I can just see millions of women right now reading Slaughter and beating their husbands over the head with Atlantic magazine. A million men rolled their eyes... and thought..... What's she gonna be ON about today? You guys did feel the tremor in the force didn't you?

STFU... be happy..

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