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Georgia fat ads

A controversial Georgia ad campaign that aims to reduce obesity in children warns them of all the problems they face by being overweight, but how is telling fat kids they’re fat going to help make them thin?


Now the curious thing about human beings is that, when faced with overwhelming scientific evidence that their theory happens to be wrong, they will—if that theory remains crucial to their psychological needs, ideological commitments, and economic interests—simply ignore that evidence.

That helps explain why rich middle-aged white guys can keep believing that it’s helpful to inform poor black kids that they should engage in X, Y, and Z in order to stop being poor, even when there’s overwhelming evidence that telling poor black kids to engage in X, Y, and Z has exactly zero effect on poverty rates.
It's worse than that. Sometimes we even engage in creating programs based on ignoring or massaging results. For example... anything based on 12 step... which is based on the defunct and discredited Oxford religion.

You might have heard AA, NA, Weight Watchers etc. were effective. It's a lie.
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