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Winamp hanging whenever i play anything

So sometime this morning Winamp seemed to just suddenly decided to stop working right.
What happens is that if I play a file, it'll play and show the animation (mini-equalizer thingy) but the timer will stay at 00:00, and it won't let me click anywhere on the program -- it gives a generic Windows 7 "this program has stopped working" etc if I start clicking anywhere on Winamp's window. It also won't move on to the next track if I have a playlist. Essentially it's impossible to use now.

I attached the info report thing, though I haven't changed anything in a while outside of one plugin which doesn't seem to affect it.
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you've got a lot of vgm type plug-ins installed which could be the cause of the issue. other than trying to remove them one by one, it might be easier if you install the 5.7 beta and if it still crashes the crash reporter should kick in and if so, include a link to this thread in the message which can be sent with it so it's easier to find.
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Well the VGM ones have been there a long time, except for one.

I tried the beta, that doesn't help -- not even running in safe mode. I have to assume it's something on my computer but I can't fathom what. I even restarted it, and same thing.
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There's a lot of 3rd-party plugins there, and yes, Safe Mode is meant to run without any of them,
though it is a beta feature so (although unlikely) it's maybe possible that some 3rd-party dll is still loading even in Safe Mode...?

I see that your settings are stored in the same dir as winamp.exe (as opposed to the default %appdata%\winamp dir).
Does your C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp dir have full admin rights (write permissions)?

Or was this a gradually-upgraded installation from an older OS (WinXP or earlier), where settings were stored in %ProgramFiles%\Winamp?
Or have you maybe accidentally deleted the %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\paths.ini config file (which makes Winamp store settings/database etc in %appdata%\winamp)?

Does disabling the "Allow 24bit" option make any difference (Prefs > Playback)?
Maybe one or more of your input/dsp/etc plugins isn't 24bit-friendly?

I would personally recommend using Koopa's Backup Tool to save settings/database/etc
then try a clean install of 5.7 beta without any 3rd-party plugins,
then start adding them & backed up settings back, and see if the problem returns at any point
(the last thing you restored will be the culprit).

Other than that, you could attach a HJT log... maybe it'll show something...?
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did the crash reporter kick in? did you allow it to send the crash report if it did start?

as i've looked in the new crash reports from when i last posted in here and there's nothing which matches with what would be your setup.
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Ok, let's see...
Yes, I "migrated over" to Windows 7 when I got this computer, almost four years ago at this point.
Killing "allow 24bit" doesn't do a thing. Of course I've always had it on.

No, the crash reporter didn't kick in.

And again, this just seemed to randomly happen. It was fine, and then like maybe an hour later it wasn't. The only thing I did in between was play a game. on the Desura client - I thought it might be that, but as I said, restarting my computer didn't help either.

I added a HijackThis log. Dunno if it'll help anything.
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Hi TerraEpon,

Check your main Winamp plugins folder to be sure the error feedback plug-in (gen_crasher.dll) was installed. General Preferences can be used to view and modify this plug-in's options. These options include which error files to generate, whether to compress them into an archive (zip) file, what folder to save the error files in, whether and how to send the info, and other things. These options and more are saved in the "feedback.ini" file. This file should be in the Winamp plugins folder in your users - appdata - roaming folder. You can use Notepad to view and modify it. Do not modify any .ini files if you are not sure of what you are doing.

One of the addition options in the "feedback.ini" file is "SilentMode". When enabled (the default), it allows the error report generation and sending to be done without prompts. Even in silent mode, you should see brief pop-up messages showing the progress status of the error file(s) generation and an indication if the sending was successful or not.

If the error file(s) were made following a crash but were not sent (for whatever reason), you can send them manually as an email attachment to the address in the "feedback.ini" file.

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Yeah the plugin is there, but as I said, it's not doing anything. I see no report.zip or the crash files.
I turned silent mode off and still nothing.

I guess I'm going to have to try the clean install method...
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Well after some testing the issue seems to be in the "Media Library Database / Settting" somewhere, or possible the "Visualization Presets / Settings", neither of which I believe is a big deal as I don't use either of those regularly.
I am concerned that the backup tool didn't save the skin I was using - thankfully I had a backup). It also didn't keep all of the plugins either, but again I had a backup, and again copying them back doesn't seem to have have any issues.

So yeah, I dunno what's going on. Hopefully this matter is resolved, and I thank you all for the help.
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