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Milkdrop and AVS bug with i7+gtx660

Got a brand new core i7 along with a gtx660 from nvidia and winamp's visualisations seems not compatible with the newer technologies and it kind of sucks because i feel like i'll use AVS a lot in the future again soooooooo...
Milkdrop gives a certain message such as "shader 3.0 found but the videocard is buggy"
I'm getting an awesome score on the final fantasy 14 benchmark so let's guess that the videocard isn't buggy for real...

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nVidia Driver versions will help. Have you tried messing with any of the shader options in Milkdrop? I am running v310.90 drivers but on an ancient 9800GTX. (Don't laugh). No hassles here on this Win7 PC.

Are you running full screen or windowed?

I know the shader message you are referring to as I have a 2011 HP Laptop with some built in Intel video card and that spits out the same error message. In that case it is because of a half-arsed Shader 3.0 implementation. The joke being that an older 2009 Acer is spinning milkdrop around without troubles on a previous generation of Intel video.

Basically those two laptops are acting up like you are seeing. The older machine behaving better than the new one.
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Yay - good news mucks. Go grab the beta release ( http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=356750 ). I have just updated my laptop with its fussy graphics card and Milkdrop is back to playing on the "default" settings. So the Shaders are Go!

All I did was to whack that Beta release on top of the current install. Then nipped into the Milkdrop Settings and hit the "default" button to reset. It then fired up first time, no messing around.

Certainly looks pretty too.
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