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Ok, i know what are all of you thinking

"But SHOUTcastTV do not receive support any more"


"NSV format to stream video is pretty lame"

And in both stuff you'll have a point, BUT


I'm thinking than it must be created a plug-in than actualy take the now-existing NSV directorys, plus any other online TV Stream one and set it up like just a single directory, like a online Service on regular winamp

This doesn't mean than it would be necesarely give support to NSV (i actualy think it have it, but is no longer supported) this just is a recopilation service idea than can make something like the SHOUTcastTV return, but without the needs of gave support to NSV on SHOUTcastTV

What you all think about this?
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what you want was already done a few months back when SHOUTcast TV was officially removed -> http://thugie.nl/streams.php (just that it doesn't have the integration with Winamp's online services support so it's not as good as it could be from a usability viewpoint).

as for the other points, Winamp desktop and the DNAS will not be dropping support for NSV (as i have already explained before in the other thread about this). but there is not going to be anything specifically done towards improving things with the handling - at most maybe critical issues would be looked into subject to what the issue is.

but realistically what you're wanting is not going to happen (i.e. it being super popular with millions of users) as SHOUTcast TV has long been a dead thing and you're not going to get back to what it was like at it's peak as there are far better video systems than what it provided a decade ago.

sure you can get back something (as linked above) but hardly anyone uses NSV and that's been the case for a long time. not even the icecast directory has many NSV streams (6 at the time of posting which is down 25% from when i last looked when it had 8 listed) so even over there, there's just no interest from stations to use the format.

so as my counter wish (as a means to yours has been provided), i would like to see NSV / SCTV finally die the natural death it has been showing for years and to finally put it out of it's misery.
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man, i don't know this still exist, ¡You Rock!

JFTR: i do know than have "support" in the sence than you can actualy use it, but is no longer "Developed" i guess the hurry won me on this one too.
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that page is done by another forum user. it is in no way official and is down to said user to support it as they wish.

development of things relating to NSV was dead a decade ago. support for it was effectively the same as well. all that was done was align the two together and yes if there's something super critical (like a security issue in the desktop's NSV support then something would have to be done about it), but there's just no point in trying to resume development for something that not all of the source code exists anymore, or really has any interest.

as a novelty project to learn about handling of streaming and audio/video it has some merit i suppose, but the market has long since spoken on the formats which are and will be used for such things and NSV is just another one that falls by the way side, like so many of the other audio formats from a decade and further back.
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