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ID3v2 tag compatibility?

Hi. My first post...I used forum search and Tech Support Greatest Hits but couldn't find an answer, so here I am!

First of all, I love Winamp. I tried WA3 first, longed for library management, then switched to WA2.91, and found everything I was looking for! Now, I've had too many "library management programs" jump in and rearrange my music library (like WMP9) too many times to just hand a new one the parent directory for all of my music, so I gave WA2-Library just one of my artist directories as a "taste". You know, to make sure my files wouldn't grow wings and become something else, as they've done with other proggies.

Anyway, I was relieved to see my stuff still as it should be. Here's my problem. I loaded Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill, and it gave me the first 12 songs with her as the artist, and with the correct album name. But song 13, which is titled "13 You Oughta Know - Your House", came up as artist "13 You Oughta Know" and title "Your House". I guess the hyphen confused a string function somewhere?

BTW, I use FLAC files with ID3v2 tags. Further reseach showed me that WA apparently isn't reading all of my ID3v2 tag info. When I bring up "Edit Item Information", only some fields are filled properly (album and title, but not artist). I can verify that my tags are complete elsewhere, though, so that's not the problem.

Is there a special ID3v2 plugin I need? Or perhaps a string format I can adjust somewhere to tell WA not to interpret hyphens as artist/track title seperators? I found three ID3v2 plugins via plugin search, but none looked like something that would fix this problem. TIA!

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Reading the ID3 tag information for the Media Library is the task of the Input plug-in, in this case in_flac.dll. So the plug-in would have to be updated in order for the Media Library to read track tags properly. Unfortunately, the updated input SDK has not been released yet, so third party developers cannot add this. Which kind of sucks.

If the Media Library cannot read any tags it guesses from the filename with the '-' being the separator.

To fix the file you can righ click on the track and select "Edit file(s) information…"
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Thanks Sawg...that works perfectly. Also, cool title..."n00b herder"...*LOL*...we generally do need herding!

It looks like the Media Library also "guesses" the album from the directory names, but it's not getting the artist if I directly specify an artist dir. I'll bet when I get brave enough to add my whole "Music" dir that it will guess all the artists then. If not, it's nice to have a workaround to correct this, though.

Also, I especially like the fact that the Update file tag(s) if supported switch is persistent...once I turn it off, it doesn't come back on by default the next time I bring up the dialog, so I'll never accidently overwrite my tag info.

As for the in_flac.dll SDK being released to allow someone to fix ID3v2 tag reading, I can wait since I've got an easy workaround.

Side Note: I *really* like the format of the Library feature in WA2.91. It's very logically laid out IMO, and gives some really handy info like track totals by artist and by album. Winamp seems to do everything well, but it's the little things that count the most to me...

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I have a problem with the Media Library, in that it currently only reads ID3V1 tag information from my files. But the only ML-related option in the MP3 input plugin is for writing the tags to the files, not for reading them. So do I have to enable ID3V2 writing for ID3V2 reading to work? If so, there should be separate options for read/write.

I actively avoid using ID3V2 where possible because ID3V2 tags are compatatively very slow and I am only willing to use them when the ID3V1 fields are too short for the track information. I don't want to have to write ID3V2 information to other files I change just so that I can read the few that already have ID3V2.

Please could someone shed some light on the exact way the ML works in terms of reading/writing tags?

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