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SQRSoft Plugin

Hey Guys,

I hope there is a easy fix for this.

2 things:

1) In winamp - the built in crossfader is active and is fading in the new song at 10 seconds before the last song ends. How do you change this so the song can fade in at like 20 seconds before the song ends?

2) When I change to the sqrsoft plugin for crossfading (which is what I want to use) the output through shoutcast skips like crazy. Why? What settings am i missing?

Thanks for your help!


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1) Disable Winamp crossfading, because it runs parallel to the DSP (Meaning, the DSP does not broadcast the crossfades)

2) SQRSoft has a DSP Tab *inside* the crossfader. Use that to install / insert the Shoutcast DSP, and REMOVE the DSP from Winamp.

Winamp... Plugins... Output... SQRSoft (out_sqr.dll)
Winamp... Plugins... DSP/Effect... Set to (none) - Very important!!

In SqrSoft... Configure... DSP Tab... Set to "Nullsoft Shoutcast DSP Source"

That should take care of the skipping, and will also crossfade both what you hear, and the stream (via DSP)
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