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All sound distorted after installing 5.11

Since installing Winamp 5.11 all sounds coming from my PC (not just sounds played through winamp) are horribly distorted. It's a kind of clipping as though a really loud input is being fed through an analogue amplifier. It's not the soundcard because I've tried two different ones, it's not the MP3 decoder because it happens with WAV and MIDI files too, it's not the speakers because i've tried earphones. tbh I really can't think how winamp could have caused this but it happened after upgrading and I haven't made any other changes I can think of...

I'm running win2k if that's relevant.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.
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turn off the graphic equilizer in winamp.(in the configure tab of the modern skin or the eq button in classic)

make sure your not running any dsp plugins.(ctrl+p-->DSP-->set to none)

and reset your directsound output plugin.(ctrl+p-->output-->select directsound then hit configure--> reset all)
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Thanks. Everything reset and eq off but as i said before it's not just winamp that sounds like this, it's everything (including windows sounds). I've uninstalled winamp and put 5.1 back with no effect. Maybe it's just a coincidence and nothing to do with winamp.
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Yup, it is not Winamp. Try the following
1. Control Panel
2. Sounds & Audio Devices icon
3. Audio tab
4. in 'Sound playback' make sure the 'Default device:' drop-down box correctly reflects your soundcard.
Otherwise, sudden changes in playback system wide usually indicates corrupted or outdated sound drivers. Have you tried reinstalling or preferably updating the sound drivers? If you have a soundcard go the manufacturer's website for updates. If you have an on board sound chip, go to the website of your computer provider or the manufacturer of the mother board.

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