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Blown Sennheiser HD595s

I pretty sure that mine partially blew out after 2 weeks of use when I used Transcribe! to increase the bass frequencies (at low volume) on an old Fats Domino recording. The phones made some popping noises and bass went to practically non-existent afterward Has anyone else had freak experiences like this?

Also...how do you prevent blowouts of expensive equipment other than keeping the volume down and not plugging them into a live amp?
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First, speakers (even headphone speakers) are fixable after being "blown out". It's expensive and requires new voice coils, but can sometimes be worth it.

Second, people forget that underpowered distortion can sometimes be worse than too much power for the speakers to handle. So, remember to never turn up the volume past where the sound is clear.

Third, make sure that both the RMS [i]and[/] peak power rating of your amp does not exceed ratings of your speakers if you plan on pushing limits. Speakers can be damaged before showing signs of dame if the power of the amp far exceeds the ratings of the speakers.

"Second" and "Third" sound contradictory, but really, the way to avoid both is to have far more power ratings on both ends (amp and speaker) than you'll ever come close to reaching. This is expensive and boring (you'll never have the fun of 'pushing the limits' if you follow this rule), but it's the safest way to go.

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