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Y ban skinner skins?

y? some people (includin me) can't (or can't be botherd) to do all the bits an peaces... put them in another part of the form if u want, but don't ban 'um i've seen alot of GOOD skinner skins, hell most of the skins (if not all) on the main winamp browser bit are skinner skins! and why i'm at it this my new skin, and for all you cocky ones i'll type this in caps IT'S ONLY A SKINNER SKIN SOFAR! I'M ASKIN FOR HELP ON IT OKAY? and don't try be funny an say my help is make your own skin from scratch
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your skin is one of the best skinner skins i have ever seen. but the fact remains, skinner=suxors. Never seen a usable one. Using skinner is no art no effort no nothing. If you don´t like spending too much time on making a skin then don´t do it.
Sorry but this is the way i see it, i can´t give comment on a skinner skin, because there´s simply nothing to comment on.
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sugestions for your skin,

2 start with do you know what bitmaps do what? for example cbuttons.bmp is the |< > || [] >| ^
volume.bmp is the volume slider, please dont take offense to this if u know what bitmaps are what because im not trying 2 take this piss just trying 2 help

what sort of suggestions would you like? things like button placements? button shapes??

i would say with this skin 2 try and make the buttons in the same style as the lines that are around it

for exmaple the EQ PL buttons the eq could easily be made like the white/gray bar and the PL like the blue one that its covering,

also do things like where the playlist buttons are make it so that the whole of the word DIGIMORTAL was showing not covered by the buttons shape them around it,

remove the black bars in the playlist editor's titlebar and make them like the gray ones that are behind it,

and remove all of the buttons made by skinner.exe and replace them with your own buttons its one less thing 2 critisive by other people,
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Chester - my first suggestion - download one of the following
Paint Shop Pro 7 - Trial
Adobe Photoshop - Trial
Gimp - Free

Then open your bitmap files inside your skin folder/zip/wsz using the program you chose (I strongly suggest Paint Shop Pro) - and edit up some images!

When you get stuck, then ask for help. I can't help you from beginning to end - else its my skin, or our skin, not your skin..

If anyone can find any of the skins I made please email them to Forevever@aol.com
I can't remember all the names but specifically hunting for Lascivious, and DEVOUR (compilation with Jax) and any in the Impulse series which had 6 total. Auriferous, Gilt, Impulse, Nadir, and 2 others I can't remember but you dig.
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yeah i get you all, cheerz, i'm makin new cbuttons at the mo, gona try make it say digimortal over the EQ buttons if its possible?? an im workin on the digimortal at the bottom.. kinda weird to move tho but at least i got help this time (if anyone remembers the last post i did all i got was everyone slaggin me) anywayz cheerz, i'm workin on the whole lot u pointed out i'll put another pic on when it's lookin alright
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if you mean u want to make each of the slider buttons have a different letter on them u cant, because all of the slider buttons on the eq use the same part of the eqmain.bmp

so all the sliders on the eq are the same

as for what u said about most of the skins in the database being skinner skins, thats just because its so easy for someone to take about 10 pictures from anywhere they like and make 10 (usually crap) skins, which they then submit to winamp.com and fill up the database with crap, and then the people who actually put effort into their skins have to wait for weeks before their skins get published...

please dont hurt me!

[edit] oh and if u fix up the buttons and stuff on that skins its gonna look goooood [/edit]
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I've scraped the digimortal skin, started doin my head in with all the white an grey bits all over the place. i've started a KoRn skin, i'll post a pic when it looks somethin' what like if you want to see it? doesn't bother me anyway, i make simple skins what i like, if i don't i trash 'um. don't post many on here so the winamp system isn't full of my shitty skinner skins (not baseic ones i change the cbuttons etc..) only use the prog for the template so i know what goes where
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