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Shoutcast Server and SAM2 Broadcaster

SAM2 is up and running.
I picked the Shoutcast Config option of Statistic Relay as Shoutcast, localhost, 8000, pazzword

In the config file I only changed the changeme to pazzword
And the MaxUsers to 5

** SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server
** Copyright (C) 1998-2004 Nullsoft, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
** Use "sc_serv filename.ini" to specify an ini file.

Event log:
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [SHOUTcast] DNAS/win32 v1.9.5 (Dec 27 2004) starting up...
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] loaded config from C:\Program Files\SHOUTcast\sc_serv.ini
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] initializing (usermax:5 portbase:8000)...
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] No ban file found (sc_serv.ban)
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] No rip file found (sc_serv.rip)
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] opening source socket
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] source thread starting
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] opening client socket
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [source] listening for connection on port 8001
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] Client Stream thread [0] starting
<09/14/05@00:54:14> [main] client main thread starting

And that is as far as the log ever goes...
The bottom right of the Shoutcast Server window says the Date and (0/5 (no source))

SAM2 plays through my speakers on the local machine.
Both SAM and Shoutcast are on the same machine.
I use a Linksys router, ports 8000 through 8001 are set to that machine.

Any suggestions or questions ?
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looks like there is no connection between the server and the sam software , which means you did not set the dps plug so it can interact between sam and dnas.

for details on how to connect sam broadcaster to the shoutcast dnas --> www.spacialaudio.com they have their own support.
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Found it.
Had placed the correct password in the Statistic Relay, but the wrong password in Encoders > Server Details.
I would have guessed it would have shown a password error someplace...

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