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Guybrush T.
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Use a Creative Zen V Plus with Winamp

Hello, I want to use my mp3 player (a Creative Zen V Plus [orange and black]) on Winamp... Is that possible ? Because my player is not considered as a peripheral USB in my workstation... It is classifyied in the group "other"... So I could'nt find it in the group "portable" of the Winamp's library. I try to install "gUSB all devices" but it don't work, only my hard disk and other portable engine are recognized
Please help me =)

I have Winamp 5.541 and Windows XP Pro
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Well let's see...

You said that you installed the plug-in correctly?

Well, okay, if you DID install the plug-in correctly by exiting Winamp and running the small installation program and then re-running Winamp; returning to Preferences, then under the Plug-Ins heading, and finally the sub-heading Media Library; look to the left and you should see the following name: gUSB v1 Build 005 [ml_gusb_us.dll].

If you don't then you did something wrong!

Even before you before you go to your Preferences (CTRL+P)you should see (at least it was on mine, anyway) a heading labeled Devices; click on the little right arrowhead and you should see all of your external devices that are currently connected to your WinXP Pro computer; USB, firewire, CD/DVD burner, etc.; ALL external devices.

Keep in mind that the 'Rip & Burn' category tick box, (even though checked before you exit the Preferences (CTRL+P) screen)will be permanently disabled while the gUSB v1 Build 005 [ml_gusb_us.dll] plug-in is installed. Which really doesn't matter because I'd rather have all my external devices under one sub-heading anyway! LOL!

By the way! The name of the plug-in has to have the ml_ prefix before the rest of the plugin name to let Winamp know what kind of plug-in that .dll file name is!
The ml_ prefix stands for Media Library; just like the in_ and out_ prefixes stands for input and output, consecutively. The vis_ for a visualization plug-in, etc. You got the idea...

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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Guybrush T.
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Hello Spirit Wolfe,
The Plug-In is correctly installed I could see all of my external devices and it appears in the Media Library group of the Preference... The problem is my mp3 player which is not recognized as an external device. Creative Zen V Plus are not considered as a peripheral USB. I wonder if it is possible to use it like a USB key or a classical player in order to make it appear in the group "devices". The problem comes from my player, not from Winamp...

Sorry for my poor english too =)
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