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Using linein:// and getting audio output

I know this question has been asked A LOT of times in these forums, as I did my homework before posting. I have yet to see it answered for my situation.

I use WinAmp v5.552 with BrowseAmp GT to control my own personal FM radio station. It works PERFECTLY - I've never had an issue since it's installation in 2002 (older versions of the software, of course). It has lived through several versions, from an old P133 laptop on Win98, a PII-400, a PIII-1200, and now a PIV-2.0GHz - all running Win2000. Each one has been a clean, newest version load of WinAmp, and the current version of BrowseAmp.

The one thing I wonder about is the sound chip on the current iteration - it's a SoundMax, and my research has shown that there are "issues" with SoundMax from your perspective. I have yet to have a problem sans the below...

I am looking to add functionality. I wish to be able to plug in a mic and use it to make announcements between songs.

So, I click Play, URL, linein://. I can see the spectrum analyzer graph bars move as I speak, however, there is no audio output. I have ensured that the Output is set to DirectSound. I can yack all I want, I can watch my cat-in-a-garbage-can voice move the SA bars, but no audio output at all. If I play a song afterwards - no problem - I'm rockin'.

I even tried ramping up all of the volume levels and placing the mic close to a speaker - nothing - no feedback, click, pop - nothing - the sound of silence.

As there are no longer any settings for the linein:// input plugin, I guess I'm at your mercy to help me achieve this. I really want to keep this KISS - no mixers or other equipment.

I do not use Shoutcast as I have no need for it. This is strictly for at-home use, when I want to listen to music. My machine is set to power on the transmitter, and when you shutdown the machine, the transmitter goes off - no dead air.

What am I missing? I'm pulling out what's left of my hair! Please help!

Thanks in advance,

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Winamp's default LineIn plug-in is for visualizations only. To use Winamp's volume, EQ or DSP plug-ins with the LineIn you will need one of the following plug-ins...
  • Jasper's LineIn plugin. Jasper's plugin uses line:\\ instead of linein:\\.


  • The SHOUTcast LineRec plugin. Uses linerec:\\ instead of linein:\\ I know you said you are not interested in SHOUTcast, however the plug-in should be along the same idea as Jasper's plug-in.

There is a latency (delay) issue with both plug-ins. The online docs for Jasper's plug-in has some suggestions for minimizing the delay which may also work for SHOUTcast plug-in.

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