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I can't seem to get the Greek LAnguage pack to work. IS there anything that could be wrong with it or do I have to change some settings somewhere. I've noticed a .lng file that has no application to open it with in the winamp folder after insatlation of the pack. Thanks
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Enabling Greek In Winamp


The way to enable Greek in Winamp after installing a language pack is as follows.

1) Start Winamp and Press Ctrl + P or alternatively right click in winamp where the playbutton is and select Option -> Preferences!

A window will appear.

2) Go to Setup-> Language And click on the button.
3) now browse throught to where your .lng pack is. Select it and say Ok
4) Restart Winamp and you should see Greek Menus etc

To restore to English in case it doesn't work
Do the same again but this time browse through to the winamp.exe file and say Ok!

I hope this helps. I can't read greek but I wanted to see greek titles for my songs.

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Hello Everyone

Here is my guide to getting greek (or for that matter any other language!) fonts enabled in Winamp's Playlist if you are having problems (i.e text is being displayed as gibberish!) and changing your regional settings to that locale is not working

1) Download the Tixoft Font Plug II plugin for winamp from


and install it.

2) Download an appropriate font for your language and install it. If you are using greek download the fonts from


I personally use the Times New Roman Greek font from there but you can use anyone you want to

If you do not know how to install fonts in your system look at the following website for windows systems


or macintosh systems


3) Right-Click in the main window and from the button of the menu choose

Configure Tixoft Font Plug II

4) In the new window that appears click on Setup and then make sure the check box that says

"Enable Font Plug for playlist text(win 9x Only)"

is checked

5) Click on Setup->Fonts

and choose the font you want to display the text in

6) If all is well everything should appear as you want

Optional Step:
If you would like to convert the ID3 tags from the Greek Codepage (CP-1253 for example) to unicode you can use the following utility "Character Set Converter 1.01". Download it from


At the moment it only supports western layouts but it can also be programmed to use other character sets/codepages.

Hopefully this will help people out there. In case of any queries do not hesitate to e-mail me at:


As I am not greek please e-mail me in English if you need any assistance. Bye for now

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