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Searching for host server

I have a friend who built a lounge at hosting social website and he wants to open it up. Well, considering it is a lounge, he needs music. I have winamp & shoutcast and know how to set the options right....once we have a host server.
So, here I am asking for anyone willing to allow us to use their server.
Thanks and have a great day.
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The bandwidth of such things is that you probably will have to buy hosting. I like server4you.
I have not tried to use shoutcast with their "cloud hosting" product. For the first year, with 2TB of bandwidth/mo, it was $90 for a year. It's virtual hosting, so you get the choice of Centos or Debian. Probably either would run shoutcast.
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Take a look at freewebhostingtalk dot com. (Hint : I am not affiliated to them)

There you will have nearly all the cool free web hosting offers and solutions that you would ask for.
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Give some information related to the cloud computing. Thank you.
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"Cloud" and "Grid" hosting can take the form of looking like a shared hosting account or it can run virtual servers that look like a dedicated server to the end user.

A dedicated server is run on a single machine. A "cloud" or "grid" server is run on banks of large servers that combine to pretend that they are a shared hosting account on steroids or simulate a dedicated server.

I have the later. My virtual server seems just like a dedicated server that is 3Ghz with 2GB of ram.

Advantage? It's a lot cheaper than a dedicated server. It's scaleable. If you think you are going to get clobbered with a lot of hits, you just turn up the virtual power and pay the difference. Disadvantage? Lag. Not important for serving web pages, but important for real time things like game servers.

The best ISP for the money I found is server4you. Don't expect them to hold your hand with support, but if you know what you are doing, these guys are the bullet.

I am just a customer for years, not affiliated in any way with them. For dedicated virtual, cloud or dedicated servers, I have not found anyone better or cheaper. I have run shoutcast broadcasting on their service.

They are honest. They give you what they say you'll get. That's hard to find. It's not oversold. No one will be sending you emails telling you that you have reached an arbitrary usage limit.

That, in itself, is gold.
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