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Lightbulb This is what you have to do if Targetspot isn't paying you

  • Are you waiting for your payments?
  • You know 100% sure that you have reached the minimum USD / EU threshold?
  • Targetspot or sister companies do not respond to your tickets or emails?
Don't give up, just do this.

I monetize my radio with Targetspot for quite some time. If I enter into an agreement and I find out months later that Targetspot repeatedly failed to pay me then they are dealing with the wrong person.

An agreement is between 2 or more parties (online agreement is a contract). As a radio, you fulfill your part by making your station available as a platform for their paying clients. If your service has been delivered, the other party is obliged to do service in return. If that party does not do what has been agreed, they are in default.

I first tried to contact this umbrella company through the official channels:
  • Forum
  • E-mail
  • Contact Form
... but they keep failing.

They own me money, they have a debt.

Remember: When someone has a debt, this party is called a debtor.

That's why I decide to call them. After a light investigation, I learned that I have to contact Targetspot Belgium. The person who deals with the finances will be back in an hour and I have been promised to call me back. But no callback, which I already suspected. I called back and but they hung up. A few hours later I called with a suppressed number and they answered my call. The person in question is again not present and this person on the other side of the phone promised me he will send me an email. Because I attach little value to their promises, I asked for the direct email address of the person in charge of the payments.

A few weeks before the phone call I had contact with a debt collecting agency near Targetspot's head office.

I have sent an email to the person in question (and a CC to the debt collecting agency) and I have given Targetspot the ultimatum to pay within 7 working days, otherwise I will hand over to the debt collecting agency. I received a response within a few hours, and on Sunday I received my money. Since then they have remained correct.

If they fail to pay again, I simply send a reminder by email with a payment term. If they do not do this, they will be handed over.
  1. Are you in the agreement for longer than 4 months?
  2. Are you 100% sure that you have reached the minimum USD / EU threshold?

Then you can do this too.

Find a debt collecting agency near the responsible Targetspot head office in your area. For me that is Brussels, Belgium for someone else that can be in America. Contact the agency and ask for "No cure no pay" procedure. No cure no pay is a term for 'no solution no payment'. I'm not worried because I know Targetspot is at default.

* save all communications carefully. I archive everything on an external HD for 7 years.
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Could you tell me which debt collecting agency you contacted? For me, shoutcast belgium is also the office in my area. If I use the same agency, they already know what its all about.
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