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Next song start long before finished

I have a problem with the next song in the playlist starts long before the previous song is ended, ut to 15-20seconds sometimes, and it is usually the exact place in the playlist this happens, why is this???
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Winamp version?

What Output plugin is selected in: Winamp > Prefs > Plugins > Output?
Default under Win2k/XP should be "DirectSound Output (out_ds.dll)"

Assuming you're not using some 3rd-party Output plugin for normal playback, at a guess, you've configured out_ds to either crossfade or remove silence.

DirectSound Output > config:

Other tab

If "remove silence at beginning/end of track" is checkmarked
then make sure the CutOff slider value is -40.0dB

Well... -40dB is default, you can set it lower (eg. -45dB) but it certainly isn't recommended to go any higher than -35dB, eg. if you set it to the maximum -15dB (all the way to the left) then this could well cause songs to cutoff 10 to 20 seconds or more at the beginning/end, if they are quiet at those points in the song.

Fading tab:

Check to see if you've enabled any of the "on start" or "on end of song" settings (hi-lite them to see individual settings).
If the "on start" custom value is set too high, then this could also cause your problem.

Buffering tab:

Make sure the "buffer-ahead on track change" slider value isn't set too high.
A decent value is probably anything between 300ms to 800ms.
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