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Full Screen Visualization on an external screen


I have connected a projector with svga-cable to my laptop.
I Want to use the projector on a party by showing visualizations on it (full-screen).
When I start the vis fullscreen, it always starts on my laptop- screen but not on the projector. How can I tell winamp to use th other screen for full-screen vis?

Thanks for your help. If the description has a lack of information please tell me what information is missing!

Thank You!
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AVS (Advanced Visualization Studio) is not a multi/dual-monitor visualization. I have seen suggestions to swap the primary and secondary monitors in the video cards configuration. In other words set the projector a the primary monitor and use AVS in the primary monitor and Winamp on the second. However, results may vary for the type of video card.

MilkDrop does have dual monitor options. In the MilkDrop options, click on the 'common settings' tab then click the 'DualHead' button to see if you make the appropriate settings there.

As for other visualizations, multi monitor support (if any) will vary with the visualization.

I don't have a multi monitor setup, so I can't provide any more suggestions. Anyone else?

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Thank you first!
Thats a good hint. I got the Idea on tuesday, thought that It would work without problems. But after I switched the monitors I wasn't able to close or open a window. Windows opens every new window on the primary screen. So I would get in trouble if I close a window by accident, because I don't want to stop the vis, the audience would be confused and it looks unprofessional (witch it is acually :-)).

I hoped there might be a general plugin for that, cause I guessed I am not the first person with this issue.

Any other Idea?
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the issue with the avs plugin is that there is mutli-monitor code in place in it _but_ it's locked to the primary monitor (as you've experienced). to change it over to work correctly on a different monitor involves quite a few changes from what i found when i experimented with it briefly a month or two back. with a bit more work it should be possible to get it working correctly (there were a few quirks i was having with it so it's not quite there yet)

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so, if i understand you right, you will make a tool to change settings? great idea! please post when you have finished. is it difficult to change the settings by myself?

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it would just be a newer version of the avs plugin since to make it work correctly, all of the changes need to be done internally. that's assuming i do manage to get the fix implemented, if not i can point the devs as to where the main issue is

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I HAVE THE ANSWER! Well at least it works for me. Here is what I did:

Options>Visualization>Configure Plug In (To enter this screen you cannot have the Visualization tab open)

Common Settings Tab>
The changes you will make are in the Fullscreen Settings portion
Display Adapter> In the drop down menu select 2. Then check Use Fake fullscreen mode

Click the DualHead button (bottom right)
On this screen there are two drop down menus. BOTH should be "span both screens"

This worked for me and my setup. I hope this helps =)
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