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Playlist feature - Support start and end times

In RealPlayer, it used to be possible to specify in a .ram playlist a start time and end time, to play just part of an audio file. The target file did not have to be a .ra or .rv file: it was possible to specify any type of file that RealPlayer could play, including .mp3 or .mp2 files.

The format of the .ram playlist file was (for example) -

file://C:\AudioFile.mp3?start="01:00.000"&end="04:00.000"&title="Elvis Presley"

My request is for you to add a method in Winamp's .pls or .m3u / .m3u8 playlist files which allows a start point and an end point to be specified for the target file, such that Winamp plays only the specified part of that file, rather than play the entire file.

Then one could, for example, play only one specific track in an Album.
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I guess there's no harm in adding to the Wishlist, but it seems pointless.

Every now and then, Radionomy claims that a new version of Winamp will be released.
Those claims started over 3 years ago.
5 months ago we were told a new version would be released within weeks: http://forums.winamp.com/showpost.ph...postcount=1674
Maybe that will happen: maybe not.

Other than empty words, there is no evidence that Radionomy is devoting any resources to maintaining and/or improving Winamp.
In fact, there is evidence that the number of employees working on Winamp has been reduced.

You might as well enjoy what it is now.

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Hi Ed999,

Winamp stores a record in it's media library for each track on an album, so you can already create playlists containing just the track or tracks from an album that you want to hear.

There is an old plug-in, released in 2000, called "Gen Intro" (http://users.telenet.be/cr25996/waplugs.htm) that may still work. Unless you're still using Windows XP, you may need to use administrator mode to install it and run Winamp once under administrator mode to configure it or change it's configuration. This plug-in allows you to specify which part of a song you want to hear (some of the start, some of the end, or some part in-between). However it will use the same specified part for each song in a playlist, instead of letting a different part be specified for each song in the playlist.

This plug-in was originally designed to allow playback of a brief part of the beginning of each song in a playlist, hence it's name__ Intro. It was later updated to allow any portion (instead of just the beginning) be played for each song in a playlist.

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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hi Ed999,
There is an old plug-in, released in 2000, called "Gen Intro" ... that may still work. .... It was later updated to allow any portion (instead of just the beginning) be played for each song in a playlist.
Hi Guys,

Winamp has been with me for many years and I am always satisfied.

Is there a chance to legally download the plugin "GEN_INTRO" in the latest revision, please?

I think that was the name, at that time I could play every Mp3 e.g. from the 2nd minute onwards listen for a defined time e.g. for 15 sec ... that helped me enormously when checking large music collections.

Is there another chance for me please? Unfortunately, the link above (and all the others) is now offline...
best regards renaldo

ps. sorry for the google translation
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