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How to use the MIC input to play through Winamp?

I am using Winamp for playing MP3 CD+G Karaoke songs and I want to be able to hook a microphone up to the Sound Blaster Audigy MIC IN port and use the mic to sing along to the lyrics. Only problem is, I can't get any sound from my mic when Winamp is playing. The only way I can get the mic to work is by going into the windows voice recorder and recording my voice and then playing it back. Obviously this does me no good to record my voice for Karaoke, I need to be able to sing along to the song as it's playing. So basically I need Winamp to play both the mp3 plus any sound coming through the mic.

Is this possible? If so how do I get it to work?
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For the voice to be heard, click on the little speaker in the systray and make sure the 'Microphone' is not muted or the mic volume is not turn down too much in the Volume/Playback section of the Windows Mixer.

If there is not a Microphone column, click on Options > Properties > bullet/select Playback > and checkmark Microphone

As you have a SB card, the Windows Mixer might be named Creative Mixer

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that doesn't do anything, I think when winamp is running it takes control of ALL the sound blaster inputs and outputs and hence cuts off the mic input..
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AFAIK, Winamp should not be disabling the mic during playback. However, make sure you are using the DirectSound output...[list=1][*]Winamp > Ctrl+P[*]Plug-ins > Output[*]highlight 'DirectSound output'[*]close out of Prefs[/list=1]
Are you using a CD+G plug-in, perhaps a setting there?

Another possibility is that Sound Blaster has a option to disable the Microphone and/or LineIn jacks during playback of any media player. However, not haveing a SB card, I don't know where to look for that option (if it exists).

Aside from the above, I am not sure of what to tell you.
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Use that line-in plugin.
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This was tripping me up a while back too.

There are a few things I can think of that might be causing your problem, here's how you check for them:

1) Open the shoutcast source plugin, and click the "Input" tab.

2) At the top you should see the words "Input Device" with a drop down box below it. If the drop down box says "Winamp (Recommended)" click on it and change it to "Soundcard Input"

3) If that doesn't work, towards the bottom of the plugin window you should see a button labled "push to talk" and another labled "lock" right next to it.

The push to talk button has to be pushed in or else shoutcast won't broadcast what comes through the microphone. If you click the "lock" button, it will lock it in the "in" position, so you won't have to hold the button down while you sing.

You also might need to adjust the volume sliders above the talk button to get the right balance between the mic and your music, since it normally drops the music volume while you talk.
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