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Unable to play .pls files from web

I'm having a hell of a time trying to listen to streaming audio.

When I click on a link on a website,
the 'download' dialog box appears saying that
it's getting file information. (about the corresponding pls file)
Then it does not progress any further.

I used to have the problem of IE prompting
the open/download question.
(But I fixed the problem.)
Now it won't even take me that far.

I've tried deleting temporary files from my browser
and erasing all cookie files, but no help.
I've also disassociated pls files from
both winamp and windows explorer and associated them back. No help.

When I download a pls file and play it from my hard disk,
it plays fine.

Reading several threads in the forum,
my hunch is that there's something wrong with my registry,
but I don't know how to edit/fix the registry.
I don't even know what registry is!

I'm using Windows ME / IE 6.0 / Winamp 2.80

Can anybody help me?

Thanx in advance.

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Here's some relevant threads:

TSGH -> PLS Association bug (IE5.5+ bug):

Links to all above & explanation:

btw, how did you fix the open/save dialog box problem?
Didn't this involve editing the registry?

btw, this still sounds like the corrupt internet cache problem:

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