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problems repairing an iTunes library-alternate solutions?


I'm new here. I have searched, read, asked & tried many things to reconstruct an iTunes library over the last month, so I am resorting to asking here now. I realize the answer may lie just beyond my grasp, but I'm just not 'gettin' it.

Background (questions at end, skip if you're bored):

Trying to rebuild my daughter's iTunes library from a crashed PC because that's what she's used to. My wife just just an iPod also, and I have to get them both running before convincing them to abandon iTunes.

PC hard drive crashed (Windows startup problem only, not fixable, hard drive still stores/access fine). Added a second hard drive for reasons beyond scope of this post, and reinstalled Windows on 2nd drive. Consolidate single drive later...

Copied all iTunes related folders to 'safe' locations, and copied entire iPod (16 GB Nano 5th Gen.) as a Flash Drive to an external hard drive for 'safe keeping'. I did not at that time understand how iTunes keeps track of actual content location.

Figured out how to 'rebuild' an iTunes database by renaming folders and swapping between alternate folders in accordance with iTunes preferences settings. This works, but iTunes still cannot find any of the content despite showing the files in the database. I may be out of luck due to absolute location mapping of content, maybe embedded in the .itl or .xml file.

Got sick of it all, installed Winamp 5.58, put copies of everything in one folder, and built up a Winamp Media Library with about 6200 items (some may be redundant, don't care yet).

I have tried several times to import content back into iTunes, and it complains of not recognizing some of the content.

Also have imported everything I can into Songbird. I'm hoping one of the alternate management programs will create a library Itunes will cooperate with (ha ha, good luck...maybe I'm smarter than you thought).

Last background thing...New iTunes install on the healthy OS drive (XP Pro) is set to NOT autosync. The iPod shows 1909 songs present, but of course the iTunes library shows only what was obtained directly from the iTunes site.

The questions:

1) Is there an actual location where the Winamp library (Media Library?) is located, or is it just a database that keeps track of where a scattered range of content resides? I haven't found it looking in places I think I should find it.

1a) Songbird seemed to import about 4500 of the 6200 items. Some redundancy is clearly evident (can fix later). I can find that folder under MyMusic and it seems to have only m4a, mp4 and some m4v files (FYI only. I don't know what else there might have been...AAC?).

2) Any idea what iTunes media import will choke on, and what it won't? It just complains about 1/3 through, but won't say what it doesn't like.

3) Any other suggestions?


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