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backupfile and streambackupfile_X issues

Hey all, so in response to another problem I'm having, I'm setting up backupfile for my streams. There's not really much data out there on it, other than it has to be a mp3 of the same bitrate/samplerate/channels as the stream it's filling in for.

I have sc_trans connecting to the dnas, running 3 streams. a 128, a 320, and an 80kbit aac

I have 3 files named standby128.mp3 standby320.mp3 and standby80.mp3
They are encoded at the bitrates specified in the filename, 44100hz, stereo. Same as sc_trans is using to the server.

I have the following defined in the dnas config:



the sc_trans config has the streams defined as follows:


When I manually drop sc_trans to test, is starts to play the file, but it is horribly choppy and unlistenable, with 5-10 second pauses between 1-2 seconds of audio.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
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what player are you using to test it with? if it's the site flash player then what you're describing is completely expected with it stopping and starting.

however the intro and backup files can cause issues either from tags on the files to way that it's done in that the file is basically just loaded and dumped onto the stream and not all players can cope with the de-sync in the stream which will happen due to the source disconnect and the dump behaviour.

there is more chance of things working reliably if the intro / backup file has been done via sc_trans compared to using the options as you are in the DNAS since sc_trans will correctly decode the files so they are more likely to sync into the stream correctly.

relying on these options as a means to keep going is really not ideal (irrespective of the version of the DNAS being used) though i've made some improvements internally to the handling but it's not really going to be a complete solution.

i will look into the other old thread you've posted in regarding the other sc_trans issue when i've got a bit more time.

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