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Realistic maximum number of songs

I have a collection of over 36,000 songs, spanning over 1,000 CD's. I haven't found a "juke" that will handle the numbers gracefully. Can anyone tell me if Winamp can handle the load? The problem is most 'jukes add a tag for every file, and each tag takes memory, so if you are using 1.3K per song (not uncommon) for the tag, and there are a boat load of songs, that can lead to a 45 - 50 mByte cache hanging around. The OS does not like to swap a chunk that big, and ends up spending more time moving memory than playing the song, if it can keep track that is.

Enough bitching, does anyone know the practical limit to the number of songs Winamp can handle? It takes days to load a 'juke, and it would be nice to know ahead of time.

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should be fine in winamp, it will only take a long time to load, if your computer is slow and its set to read metadata on load.

mind you, its pretty retarded putting that many files into a playlist, because you'd never get through them at any one time.

using the media library would be the best solution for you(if their local files) so you can just pick and choose what you want to listed to.
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I have over 30,000 files in my media library, and in my main playlist, and Winamp (5.34 beta) loads them pretty fast here (and I'm not a retard, lol).
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I have over 80,000 songs and it can't take anymore

I have over 80,000 and it stopped adding them after that. Can anybody help me to see if I can get it over 80,000.
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Hi all,

My collection isn't as big... (about 25k) songs.
Seems like WinAMP is crashing even then.

I also set the properties to read the file contents only upon playing the file.... Still crashes.
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mine is about 30k and i have no problem
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I have over 80,000 and I'm sure I'd have np over 100,000

Keep ur DB small by keeping ur tags clean and stripped of unnecessary info:


Also use mp3val.

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