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I've tried 6 times to download Winamp on a Compaq Presario 4505 computer, and each time it won't allow me to open it. I've been able to download to other computers except this one. I have Napster on this computer. I get a message that winamp is running to close winamp and try again. I hit ignore and it loads, but the Winamp.m3u file doesn't load into the computer with a lightning bolt in front of it. This seems to be the difference. Can you Help?
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What browser are you using ?
It's not AOL by any chance ?

Are you using a download manager [Go!Zilla etc] or your browser's internal download utility ?

eg. With Internet Explorer, try choosing the option to "Save to disk" instead of "Open from current location". It's possible that your Security Options are presently set too high ?

Also, I take it you're upgrading Winamp here and already have a previous version installed ?!?!?
Make sure it isn't running, eg. minimised in the Taskbar / SysTray etc [Right Click -> Exit].
Also make sure the Winamp Agent isn't running whilst you're trying to download an upgrade.
Winamp Prefs -> Agent -> disable all 3 options -OR- Rt. click on SysTray icon -> Exit.

Try downloading and installing now.

Any further problems, reply below with answers to the above questions and we'll take it from there.

DJ - Egg
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