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Old 8th March 2001, 16:12   #1
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Many people at the G-Force forum at 55ware.com noticed that Apple came out with a new media player, called iTunes, who's visuals are very similar to G-Force. Many of us speculated that Apple stole the concept or code, but it turns out that iTunes "works with" or uses G-Force according to a MacWorld article.
There are several commercials Apple has made that feature the GF visuals being used on an iMac, but yet there is no mention of GF on TV or on their website.
This raises a whole bunch of issues:
Why doesn't Apple's website (or the commercials) mention that the G-Force plugin creates the visuals?
Why don't they give any credit of the visualization to Andy on their website?
They act as if these visuals are only available with iTunes, they use it to sell their iMacs (in their commercials), and yet Andy, the creator of G-Force & WhiteCap, doesn't seem to get credit where it's due. I think that's evil of Apple to do such a thing.
Well, what's your opinion on this?
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I can't say anything else than I totally agree with you Brady ! It is really a shame That Apple do such a thing. And this is a pity for Ander. Because his work is stolen by a lot of people ('Smear' for Sonique) and he never receive any credits for that. This is sad.
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Old 16th March 2001, 15:20   #3
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I agree. I saw the ad last night for the first time. It is instantly recognisable as being G Force. Andy, We know you were there first. Keep it coming.
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Old 16th March 2001, 17:04   #4
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Old 20th March 2001, 05:55   #5
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way too anal guys....

why should apple mention it at all? for starters, apple gives itunes away for free. secondly, considering that itunes is a 'closed' program (no plugin support), it'd be kind of dumb to see a screen say 'g-force' when you start it up - it'd just confuse the majority of users. third, the iTunes software itself is just a rebranded version of Soundjam that was stripped of its more exotic features.

in both cases apple paid to have the software 'branded' as its own. this isn't done so much as a way of saying 'look at this cool thing i just made' but just a nice and tidy way of pushing apple into the mp3 software field. i'm sure in whatever agreement that both software authors signed (Soundjam and G-force), it was implied outright that the software would not bare any signs of their heritage.

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Old 20th March 2001, 15:19   #6
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Okay, so perhaps I over reacting a little bit to Apple's actions. However, I never said that there should be a start up screen that says G-Force and I agree with you that this feature could confuse iTunes users. I still think it's weird of Apple not to mention ANYTHING on their website about what powers the visualization engine. Oh well, I just hope the agreement they made fairly compensates Andy for Apple branding the visualization engine as their own.
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like i said, why should apple acknowledge what powers the visualization?

most people who downloaded iTunes did so because of the convenience the software package is as a whole. it's kind of absurd to say 'Visualizations are a port of G-Force, which orginially appeared on Winamp' or something of the like on the website. the end user doesn't need to know nor should they even be offered the information. if andy signed the contract and is happy with it, i dont see why anybody on the outside should be making a fuss out of it.

besides, g-forced is based on geiss. it may not be the exact code but it was inspired by it - should that be mentioned at every turn as well? let's see, windows 9x has a GUI that draws its foundations from Macintoshes. IE and Netscape Navigator both are based on NCSA Mosaic - the first GUI HTML Browser...

ideas are borrowed, stolen or just bought out all the time.

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Apple iTunes

Any of you ever see soundjam for mac? The visuals from soundjam are exactly the same in iTunes. Know why? Cause Apple bought SoundJam and everything associated with it. Sound Jam is great software and will allow mac users to do a live stream to SC just like PC users can from WinAmp (I believe so anyway. Sound Jam can send a live stream to live365).

Apple used to have a different MP3 player in OS X PB but that was replaced a long time ago. Apple has tweaked iTunes to sound better. It has some nice features but *is* a closed system.
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