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Post Playlist Syncing

Before I begin, I’d like to say that I’m aware that this isn’t the first time someone has brought up the topic of playlist synchronization between PC and Android, whether it is to an MSC device, or an MTP device. I’d also like to add that yes, I have already searched all five pages of topics related to this in this forum, including the sticky of current known bugs and feature requests and I’m still not satisfied. With that Said, Let me detail the problem a little clearer incase I’m lucky enough to get noticed by a mod.

The Problem:

I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I’m trying to sync using Wifi-sync n Windows 7. All of the music is not on the device; however the playlists always fail to sync. Let me add that all of the songs I wish to add to these playlists sync without fail and are present on the Android device.
In this instance, letting Winamp handle the syncing of the playlists results in either some playlists syncing the name of the playlist (meaning it comes up on the Android device) either some (under 15, regardless of size) or none of the sync make it.
When I manually drag a playlist from the windows client in into the portables section, the same problem occurs. Some of the songs may appear in the playlist, but not all of them

The Symptoms:

Typically, I’m used to seeing an error code when syncing songs that either have forbidden punctuation, are not in the directory Winamp expects them to be, or have been deleted outside the client. In this case, playlist synchronization throws no errors, and according to the windows client, everything seems fine.
At this point, I’d usually click on the playlist in the Android device portable view (windows client), and all of the music appears to be there. When I refresh the view, usually by moving to a different view (such as the desktop playlist), and then go back, the playlist will always show that only a few songs are present, and the Android device then confirms this (it will confirm regardless of refreshing Winamp).

Possible Fix:

I’m currently able to drag single files (that have already been synced) from the desktop playlist view into the Android devices playlist, which will then appear in the Android device 100% of the time.
This process is broken with I select any more than 1 files at a time. If I select 5, 10, or any number of files and drag them all over, only the first file syncs 100% of the time.

What I, and many other Android users want to see:

I’m sure I speak for a lot of us when we say that we’d like to see this issue get more visibility from both the moderators and the developers. I’ve seen some great advancements in Winamp pro, in the way of bundling useful applications, numerous bug fixes for newer versions of android, and of course, functions like wireless sync, of which I am a huge fan. This issue however, never seems to make it under the spotlight, and through my lurking, many of the posts on the topic appear to go unanswered, or just filled up with replies of people facing the same issue.

All I ask is that a moderator get in on this, and possibly elevate the issue to the proper channels so that it gets addressed before other Winamp users, including myself, begin searching out an alternative to the program. Of course, my complaint will also be posted in the sticky related to bugs, but I thought a fresh post could do it justice as well.
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