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Asking about permission to use presets in a project I'm sending to a short film compo


I've come here to ask about using MilkDrop visuals in my project that I'm intending to send to a casual short film competition.

So, I've been working on this series called "FIDSGETS SPINNERS' CLUB" that started off with me goofing around with a fidget spinner in front of my greenscreen and adding MilkDrop visuals to the background. Untill it accidentally grew into a story with alternative fidget realm and the fidgets being some kind of ancient entities and stuff.

Now I'm working on the 5th and final episode of this saga and I'm thinking about attending to a short film compo in Summer Assembly 2018 that is a big LAN-party event here in Finland and maybe sending it to some other places that feature amateur short films aswell. In the Assembly there is some kind of prize I'm not sure what. Probably a piece of hardware for PC or something. Assembly is quite pedantic with copyrights so I really wanted to present my project here and ask about permissions. I love the work people have done with the presets and this series is my tribute to MilkDrop in a way.

What I've gathered by reading threads is that generally people are okay with using their presets in projects. Of course mine has some kind of prize to it but it's not really my biggest interest here. I'm mostly in it to see this series on a huge screen. And to bring this content to people that might appreciate it the most.
I recently downloaded the 'favourite presets.zip' from http://www.geisswerks.com/about_milkdrop.html and found some very suitable and amazing presets there.

Would it be enough if I put the name of each preset next to the visual as they appear or in a similar kind of way but in the end credits?
And some link/info about MilkDrop.

In the past I haven't been that considerate about the copyrights but I'm thinking about getting more serious with my content on youtube. When I have the time I'll find the names of presets I've used in the past episodes and adding them to the description credits.

Of course if someone wants directly to grant me access to their works of art to be (maybe) used in this project... that would be cool!

Playlist to the episodes (they are in Finnish but I've added subtitles in english):

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