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SC_TRANS error - linux

Im trying to use sc_trans to make a radio station.
When I start sc_trans using
./sc_trans conf.conf
, I get this error:

*****@********:~/tmp/sc_trans# ./sc_trans conf.conf
2010-07-30 15:50:34 I msg:<***> Logger startup
2010-07-30 15:50:34 I msg:<***> version build
2010-07-30 15:50:34 D msg:<***>
2010-07-30 15:50:34 I msg:TimeMultiplier = 1 TimeShift = 0
Segmentation fault

Here is my config file:
PlaylistFile=/home/music.lst # this is your list of mp3s you want to stream
ServerIP=localhost # most likely this is what you want
ServerPort=9000 # this is the port that you set in sc_serv.conf
Password=******** # this is the password you set from above in sc_serv.conf, not the admin
StreamTitle=FlappiAir # set this to what you want displayed in the players
StreamURL=http://www.clubzobbies.com # set this to your domain or the site you want
Shuffle=1 # set this to 0 if you don't want it to shuffle, it will play each sonf from your list in order

Here is my playlist

I am running sc_serv fine in the background

What is wrong?
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