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Shuffle Bug Needs to be Fixed

There is a bug with Winamp's shuffle function that I am surprised has not gotten any attention yet. Well, the problem is that the first selected song that gets played from a list of songs will always get repeated in the queue. This is with repeat function off. Sometimes the same song will get played again consecutively, which is annoying and defeats the purpose of shuffle. This bug has spanned across many previous versions of Winamp, and I have been waiting anxiously for a fix with every update, which has never come. So I am posting here today in hopes that a dev or mod will see this and hopefully take the correct measures to fix it.

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Am I the only who is facing this issue, or does everyone just not care about it?
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this app is dead..
I think this sums it up...

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BlackxRam: CraigF has absolutely nothing to do with Winamp development so your point is absolutely wrong.


annoyingly there does seem to be a lack of official responses to forum posts and from my understanding, sending things to the appropriate mailing lists is more likely to get attention.

then again i couldn't tell if this is referring to the Android version or the Desktop version (since it sounds just like something which people call a bug in the Desktop version but is how it's been coded to work).

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