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Unhappy Playlist always empty -

I’m using windows 7 (64) and Samsung GSIII with additional sdcard– every time I sync a playlist I see the files transfer ok - undock it – go for a walk and find the playlists are all blank . I can play files from the just added section but there all called “unknown” this used to work on my old HTC. It’s annoying I used to like winamp . Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
Playlists always empty and every track is "unknown"
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Was this ever figured out? I'm having the same issue:

Machine: Windows 8 64-bit

Phone: Droid DNA
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It has not been figured out by WinAmp yet. There are a few things that I noticed. I am using win7x64 with ntfs disks. The extSDcard on a Galaxy S3 is formatted FAT32. The reason that might be important is there are a lot of characters that are not legal on a FAT32 file system that work fine on ntfs or apple file systems. Most of my playlists worked fine, except for Pink Floyd. That playlist would come up blank every time. The file system has the files in it, but the playlist is blank. None of the file showed up by Title/Artist or Album. All of the folders ended up with Filename.mp3 Filename.dup0 Filename.dup1 etc. (Filename was the correct song title.) None of the other music players saw any of the titles although all saw Pink Floyd. What I did was to manually deleted the entire folder, then I manually copied the folder out to the SDcard. All of the Music Players can now find and play the titles.

Now under Winamp, everything is properly identified on my PC library. Since I used winamp to sync to my SD card I now have 324 unknown artist songs on my player. Using the Android player or Google Play there is 1 unknown. That song is "If I fell in love with you" the Artist is listed as unknown even though the song is saved in the correct folder "/Music/The Beatles/unknown/If I fell in love with you.mp3" The only thing that I can see is that somehow the ID3 information got corrupted and shows the album as -1. The result was the file was saved as "-1 - If I fell in love with you.mp3" in the Folder "The Beatles/unknown/-1 - If I fell in love with you.mp3". So to me it looks like the player is relying only on the ID3 info. Which is stupid considering all the effort of the file system. It also seems like someone forgot about file systems limitations.

Right now here is where I am.
I decided to use WinAmp because I have used it on my pc for a very long time. (I also hate iTunes).
I wanted the wireless sync capability.

So far I find that WinAmp on Android has a few major flaws in dealing with the filesystem. I do not care if they strip unsupported characters out of file-names. But leaving them in is a nono. The wireless sync is only useful if I want to save all of my media in the internal memory of the device. Since it will only save where the application is. Now I know that Google is the one that changed the game by not allowing the app to be moved to the extSDcard. I understand their reason, but I would have expected every developer including Nullsoft to beat them up and demand an option "Save my data to". It also has turned out that usb sync has some problems.

Not a real happy camper right now.
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There's also the issue where all Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) devices are not scanning their SD cards even after a file download/change, and as such WinAmp has major problems on those devices.

My Note 2 for instance takes ages to rescan the SD card I have in it, and I've already had to redo my playlists six times in WinAmp. Unfortunately, because WinAmp has no backup/restore functionality like every other major app out there does, we're stuck with lost playlists and empty playlists whenever media scanning fails or we have to wipe the Media Storage data in the Applications Manager due to the media scanning making duplicate entries all the time, which also confuses WinAmp.

I wish MTP would die a horrible death. Half of the computer OSes out there don't even recognize it, or act poorly with it as OS X does when using Android File Transfer, the only option available for that OS. The other half go bat guano on you when you connect an MTP enabled device.

This was all so much easier to maintain with USB Mass Storage mode...
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