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Playlists Shows Total File Size

I would love it if each playlist would show the total size of all files in that list (it currently shows the number of songs and the total time). An even better option would be the ability to select multiple playlists and see the overall size total. This would be very useful for planning how you are going to fill up a portable device, especially the smaller ones.

If there is a workaround or plug in that I have missed that would achieve this functionality, I welcome any hints.

Thank you,

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Get the total size of files included in a playlist

I'd like too to have this feature developped. I want to generate playlists that will roughly fill the available space of my 2GB MP3 player. Winamp shows the number of tracks and the total time - but the MP3s were encoded at varying rates, so I can't just multiply the time by the "expected" file size. And the lists are too large to find all the individual files and add them up... Please, consider it this time. You would be ahead of other players.
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This feature would absolutely great. I have Ipods, flash cards of various sizes. I have even playlist per devices. But I am lacking to know if my playlist stays with in the memory limits of my device.
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Sum of playlist

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+1 , i love also if you can randomize hits positions in the playlist
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Showing the playlist size seems like such a simple (and obvious) feature to include. Most competing software like iTunes already have this feature. Is anyone working on adding this extremely useful feature to Winamp?
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