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Shoutcast questions: VPS, max users

Hello all!

I setup a shoutcast server to a low end vps, just for learning and testing.
I know that if there is no transcoding on server's side and actually just retransmit what exactly you stream, there will be no cpu/memory load in the server's side. Actually, I opened 4 streams (with no listeners or 1-2 just for testing) and loads are almost zero.
I have this question: if I have 100 - 200 users listening to streams (no transcoding, auto djing or anything else in server, just retransmitting the same stream/bitrate/type to listeners) will be there any huge server load?

Another question is on configuring Shoutcast server V.2 . Is there any way to the .conf files or a script to set the maximum bitrate to each stream? There is a way to limit the maximum simultaneous users but I can't find a way to limit max bitrate to 64 or 128Kbps. I tried to use [Bitrate=128000] to my .conf file but that doesn't work.

A last question: is there a way to monitor free if a stream works? Like with pingdom in websites?

Just for informing purposes, my testing vps for shoutcast is low end box: 192MB memory, 2 core cpu (cat /proc/cpuinfo), 1TB bandwidth, 50GB disc space and good specs for LEB in I/O's, speed etc.)

Thanks, John
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i'd assume that should be ok (barring any issues with the DNAS itself).

there is not currently a bitrate limit option (it's present in the now much mythical internal builds). and if / when a build comes out with it, the limit is applied to the source connection so that has to be correctly set to what is wanted otherwise it'll block it (and can be controlled globally as well as on a per-stream basis).
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