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Winamp trying to steal file association

Winamp keeps trying to make itself the default program for avi files. Problem is that I already have a default program for avi video files, and I'm happy with it - and very unhappy with software that tries, behind my back, to change the configurations I've set up.

It's odd, though, that avi is the only filetype that Winamp keeps trying to hijack. A Windows problem maybe? (Windows? Naaahhh...)

I'm running Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 on Windows 8 (not 8.1). Any solution is welcome. Only other solution is uninstall, which I'll have to do if this keeps up. Thanks.
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For Win7 and earlier, the answer would've been:

Go to: Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > File Types
Deselect AVI in the extension list
Uncheck "Restore associations at Winamp startup"

However, for Win8 and above, file associations can only be made via the Default Programs control panel.
So I'm not sure what is causing your problem.
I assume your desired program is associated with AVI properly in there?

If you never intend to use Winamp for AVI playback then you could remove in_avi.dll from the Winamp\Plugins folder
and, if present, also remove AVI from the in_dshow.dll extension list (Winamp > Prefs > Plug-ins > Input > DirectShow Decoder > Config).
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Thanks for your response. Yes, I have another program associated with avi files, and I keep forgetting that Win8 works differently from previous versions with file associations.

Excellent suggestion re: in_avi.dll and in_dshow.dll. I'll do that. Much appreciated.
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