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Winamp suddenly started crashing

I'm using Winamp 5.666 build 3516. After ripping a bunch of CDs to my computer, I'm setting up playlists. I open the playlist window and click on the first song to clear the list for starting a new playlist. It plays the song, but Winamp stops responding. When I click on the playlist (or any other part of winamp, I get a message box:
"Winamp is not responding
If you close the program, you might lose information.
-Close the program
-Wait for the program to respond.

I've tried reloading Winamp over the old version. Didn't work.
I've removed Winamp from my system, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted. Didn't work.

I hate Windows Media Player. I want my Winamp back. HELP!
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two things
did you have a windows update? if so turn computer back to before update

did you also delete the winamp folder when reinstalling? if not you reinstall in the old folder on your computer.
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My computer is very unhappy. It used to be my brothers mega gaming system. I rejigged it, putting the smallest disk as the main drive. It was probably the oldest disk and may be on it's last legs. Another disk, I was using for music, crashed and was replaced with an external drive. I've copied the video disk to another external. I think the main is going bad (it takes half a dozen to a dozen reboots before it starts up again. I've got a new hard drive but there is a lot of backing up to do before I redo the system. Any other suggestions.
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Go into BIOS and load default settings, this might help if the computer (as a gaming system) has been overclocked. Also get some hardware monitor like HWiNFO and check voltages (if those are off -> new power supply) and temperatures (cleaning coolers/radiators might help there).
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