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Ray-tracing in AVS

I was wondering if you could use AVS to create professionally looking 3D images, so I implemented a very basic ray-tracer through a Superscope. The code has to got be the most complex SSC created until now, because it's 1.25KB in code.

It features a fake phong lighting model applied on a glassy sphere that reflects a horizontal plane.

Of course it's slow as hell and all, but insanely cool too...

Download Ray-tracing AVS.zip
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awesome preset!

Wow! I agree that it's pretty slow until I viewed it in a small AVS window, but it's cool-especially since it's 3-D rendering in AVS. I really liked your captions in the superscope window that say what the different blocks of code do in comparision to a real 3-D rendering program! It'd look cool to pull it up on a laptop with a projector & have a filter program just zoom in on the AVS window. It's sempiternally changing bliss! (note: sempiternal means eternal). It's awesome!

C. Mountford

P.S. I'm really into Bryce & other 3-D rendering programs, so I am very excited-because this is the first thing I've ever seen in AVS that resembles 3-D rendering. Way to go Unconed!
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