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Bookmark for online radio-stations and other features

I use the bookmarks mainly to store all the radio-stations I use to hear. I don't bookmark my local files because for this I already have the local media list and I don't bookmark files on the internet because nobody does this.

I think that the bookmark list has really poor features and I'm quite sure that therefore many people don't use it. I would improve the bookmark list or add a specific bookmark list for radio stations in order to add some basic features:

1) No easy way to add current station: when I bookmark a radio-station (from the play-list or trough "Send to") I don't want the current song to be the name of the station, this is silly because I've to rename every single station added to the station name.

2) Easy editing: now it's a pain to change something, no single-key-shortcut (F2), no click to edit in list directly.

3) Automatic sorting: like every list on the world you should be able to sort by clicking on each column-header.

4) Sorting by hand now is a pain, you can't drop an item between two other, it always puts it over or under, depending on the direction you come from.

5) For radio stations I would add some extra basic information (station, channel, style, bitrate/format) and maybe some other (image, alternative servers, date added,..)

6) Some save/restore would be great, so I can easily transport my favourite radio-stations list between home and work. Even better would be sync over internet.

7) Alternative views (thumbnail, list, detail) would be great to browse more easily on big lists.

8) Other crazy ideas: search, random station,...
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