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v1.04 (non-b) anyone?

Can anyone post the vis_milk.dll for v1.04 (not 1.04b)?
I could reinstall MD, of course, but everytime I do that, it overwrites all the existing files, so I lose modifications I've made to standard presets, preset ratings, stuff like that. I'm not happy with 1.04b - Having X lock and unlock the preset breaks winamp keyboard control functionality, and I prefer MD to be in a standard window, with a button on the taskbar.

Thanks muchly

- Krash

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Krash, why don't you do as I do and have the best of both worlds and have both winamp 2 and 5, just name the winamp 5 folder winamp5 or something different and you can have both, and the associations you may have will go with the one you install last and I keep the presets in a different folder then you do not loose any changes. Maybe I do not understand what you mean, if that is so could you please clarify. I had to split the dll into 3 parts the file was too big, hope you have winrar. SM

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You could install the exe on my site to any directory to get the dll as it does not check for teh winamp install.

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The version that comes with wa5, you have to press esc twice to close it.. If you're fullscreen atleast..
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The safest thing to do is back up all your .ini settings as copies before any install. Since your just after the 1.04 dll, you can also install to a different directory, then just copy that one file.
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