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Textures and subsets of images

Maximal 5 attachements per post are possible. I have 2x4 images from the subset "testmoss", and I should begin with "testmossleavesatwall". The next time "testmossflowersblue" could follow.

IrfanView is very good. For version b I have made full saturation and full contrast. For version c I have made full saturation and full contrast and also Edge Detection as effect. Also I have made the version with full saturation and a gamma correction of 0.50 and I have added at the end of the filename "saturatedgamma050" (many other files got at the end "_saturation_gamma_050").

These images have been cut only, but not mirrored, while the images of "mossleaves" are mirrored to all 4 canvas and to all 4 corners after I had made the cuts. The other very good musician and photographer in Ireland had inspired me with that. "mosscity" and "mossleaves" are part of "moss" and they are good for tiling and stretching. I can say the same also for the image which I had found in the software-folder Mandelbulber, with the proportions of 2:1 and the features of "pano" / "planetmap". I had choosen it and had made also from this one image many color versions. My images from the subset "testmoss" can be stretched only, tiling would look less fine.

Via IrfanView > Image > Color corrections I have also changed very often the values in 1 or 2 of 3 colors. I have used only the minus-values, no plus-values. Then I have added "colorname050" and "colorname255" at the end. And I have made a little bit more. I have also exchanged the colors and added the kind of the edits at the end of the filenames.

You can guess already, that I have changed the textures or whole subsets of images in the preset-codes a few times, in the sections "warp" and "comp". I can save the changings permanently only, if I have done the right-click on the icon and run as administrator for this one session. For example I did "sampler_rand00_moss" and "sampler_rand00_testmoss" in the preset-codes because I wanted to see also something else. With "sampler_moss1" only "moss1.jpg" can appear and no other image. With "sampler_rand00" all images in the textures folder have a chance, not only the images from the subsets "moss" or "testmoss".

I have already opened a few other threads in Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Skinning And Design > Arts and Design and Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Visualizations > Milkdrop, and You can look there for my other threads. Also we have discussed in Nitorami's thread "My complete collection", especially on page 8.

Because I have problems with the uploading of bigger filesizes as attachements, I want to leave 2 download-links to both subsets, "moss" and "testmoss". The following 2 .zip-folders contain only my own works which are 100% by me incl. the basic-photos from where I had made the cuts:
and in my latest 3 journals on deviantART You can find some more download-links to some more single-files and .zip-folders and You can read my overview-tutorial for artists:

I myself have some more images in the textures folders on my PC and notebook, more than 4500, and I have included also many other good artists, musicians, DJs, netlabels...
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Now Part 2 follows.

And I want to give You some more inspirations. I am thinking of the many other preset authors. Maybe also they themselves want to make own textures with whole subsets of images. Many tries will be needed. Recently I had tested .jpg-files in 3840x2160 pixel as textures and desktop wallpapers. Of course I could try also my dark edits of my Railway Stones in 4000x2240 pixel and not only in 2000x1120 pixel, which I use as desktop wallpapers. As a big fan of Lonely Landscapes, Astronomy and Parasciences I wish, also I myself could create such good images which You can find also in my favourites on deviantART.

I can mention the following artwork-software and image editing software:
Apophysis, Blender, Chaoscope, Chaoticafractals, Flarium-89, FractalGrower, Fractron9000, Incendia, JWildfire, Mandelbulber, Terragen, XAOS
GIMP, IrfanView, Inverted Image, Paint.NET, PhotoFiltre, Photoscape, Phoxo, PixBuilder Studio, Pixia, PNGgauntlet
Unfortunately the download-link to Terragen Classic on the website of Planetside does not work anymore. I am redirected now to Terragen 4. 1 year ago the link had worked yet when I had tested it, and once I had posted it also in Google+.

I have to mention again, please no "ä", no "ö", no "ü", no "ß", no blank space, no extra-sign in the image-filenames of the textures and desktop wallpapers. Only the 26 international letters (uppercase and lowercase), the 10 international digits, "_" and "-" are allowed. For textures the image-fileformats JPG, PNG, DDS, TGA are supported, for desktop wallpapers and Komodo Backgrounds only JPG is supported.

Now about the 2 original photos, made with Medion: While I made the other original photo on a tour in 2010, I made this one original photo on my mother's balcony in 2009. I have a few other photos on the harddrives, and I have choosen the best basics from where I have made the cuts.

I didn't have made good photos yet with red, yellow or white flowers or with red and green leaves at the wall. And because I am not satisfied with my cheap digital camera Praktika Pentacon Luxmedia, I want to use again our good old Medion, if I want to expand with the both subsets "moss" and "testmoss". I want to get also my own stones at the water, made in Berlin, for creating my own "tiledstones". For now I have only some edits from the original photo by our Sternenmaschine Band Member Birgit. At least with my Casio Exilim I have made my own Railway-Stones in Berlin, and as dark edits I have made my first Nebulas. Maybe today I should not sit at the computer, if the weather is so good, I should have gone outside into a park instead. I should do that some days later, if the leaves at the trees have come out...

List of my other related threads:
Images, cut and mirrored for tiling and stretching
My Photos of Parks in Berlin 2016
Some special experiments with some of my older photos
My work in progress for sprite-friendly textures
Some non-square images as textures with a better quality
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Name:	testmossflowersbluebysabineklare1c.jpg
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Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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