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Ctrl-Tab in Big Bento skin?

Using Winamp 5.63, is it possible to use the keyboard to cycle quickly between windows in the Big Bento skin, as one does in the classic and modern skins? Sometimes I'd like to get into the playlist quickly to alter it; but in Bento, Ctrl-Tab will cycle *out* of the playlist window once I'm in it, but once it gets into the main window it seems to be stuck there.
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pretty much no. ctrl+tab will move between windows but will not work on sub-areas when using single-UI skins like Bento as that is deemed by the skinning engine to be a single window. though if there are other windows present then doing ctrl+tab should move to them unless they don't correctly handle such transitions or haven't been updated to use the appropriate APIs to do (all native Winamp windows should do it correctly).

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