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Why are some websites damaged and changed completely?

I think, I have to ask this question now, after again I had to discover, what did happen to a website by someone else. I have decided for a new thread, because my other thread „What will happen to the profiles and uploads after the death?“ from Autumn 2013 is too old now:

Also in the other years until 2014 sometimes I had to discover, that suddenly a website with a special name had looked very differently, when I had visited it again after a longer time. The name of the website and the URL were the same, but not the content on the website itself. Mostly suddenly there was also another language than English.

And again I had to experience that in the last days. The website had been created somewhen between 2014 and 2015. In Spring 2015 the website had the old look yet. I had thought: „Oh yes, this website is very important for all the fans!“, and I wanted to come back there. But in Autumn 2015 the anti-virus-software on the computers in the meeting-point had blocked the visit and in Spring 2016 also Firefox had blocked it. I had followed the prohibitions, and when I was allowed again to visit the website, it was not the same website anymore, only the name and the URL.

There are different reasons possible:

1. In Germany and Austria the website owners are obliged to have their postal address, telephone number and e-mail-address on their websites, and suddenly the website owners didn't feel secure anymore, and they themselves had taken down their websites.

2. The most websites on website servers are not for free, and online-banking is required. Maybe the next payment had been forgotten.

3. The webmaster had managed the website and not the website owner. Maybe there was a dispute between the website owner and the webmaster.

4. Especially the artists have not only fans and friends, also rivals and enemies. Maybe the website had been reported, and then it had been taken down by the website server, also if it was an intentional false report.

5. Unknown people had hacked the website, bored hackers or professional hackers. And these hackers were able to steal the website and change it completely. Then there will be no chance anymore for the former website owner to get back the website.

6. Suddenly there is the message „The domain is free for sale!“ or something similar on the website, if it will be visited again with the old URL after some time.

7. For another unknown reason.

Many good artists have died, and if they were famous and had good family members, then their websites will be kept alive, or new dedication-websites will be created. Less famous artists and other people, who work for fans, will be more in danger of experiencing such problems.

In Spring 2015 I had to discover, that a user on YouTube had lost the account and also the uploads from 2011 „because of spam“. In Spring 2013 a musician from another country had lost his account on YouTube twice, although he had 100% copyrights for his uploads, also „because of spam“. I myself don't believe, that they both would have spammed on YouTube. Why should the serious artists do that?

Some other music websites and social networks delete the account of a user, because some nasty family members can order the deletion of the account after the death of the user. I myself don't like this possibility, of course. A few other websites delete the accounts because of inactivity. I have lost some other accounts also because of a shutdown of the music website or social network itself. But Frank and I ourselves had to deactivate our personal profiles on Facebook on 24th December 2014, and we have to keep them sleeping, for now. I don't want to say in the publicity, why it had become neccessary. I hope, that at least our most other important accounts will stay alive a little bit longer. I want to leave my .txt-file with our current and former profiles.

I should go back now from the accounts on music websites and social networks to the websites on website servers and also to the main question, what could have happened with some websites...
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