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Listener Stats using Station Playlist

Hi everyone,
I'm new to these forums. I have used Shoutcast for years, but always with the DNAS program, e.g with other hosts. I never used the monitization program before. I only found out about the streaming service over the weekend, and so far I am absolutely loving it. I will never pay for another streaming server again. Thank you Shoutcast team! At first I was having issues with ads, because my filler would come on, and halfway through, the ad server would finally be triggered. It made for some pretty bad transitions. lol Spent several days trying to figure out where the issue was there, and finally figured out that my dsp wasn't getting meta data fast enough. It was only pulling it every 60 seconds. I moved that to 5, and problem solved.
Now then, my only remaining problem is getting listener stats to work. I can go in to the RMO and find out how many there are, but I really want this info directly in Station Playlist. I am totally blind, and it takes me a bit to navigate around in there, and with Station Playlist and my screen reader, all I have to press is a hot key, and I get an instant listeners readout. I've configured both shoutcast v1 and v2, as well as icecast, and never had problems. But try as I might, it just doesn't seem to work in SPL. Curiously enough, upon doing a search for my stream on shoutcast.com, it also shows 0 listeners, even when I go out of my way to have the stream pulled up on two devices. This all shows in the RMO, but doesn't seem to report on shoutcast.com. Could it be that the info isn't making it all the way through the system? Seems that something broke somewhere.
I am curious if any other Station Playlist users have experienced this, or if other users have noticed that their listener stats aren't showing up on shoutcast.com. Also, if anyone has any suggestions, they are most welcome.
Here is my stream url if that makes any difference.

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Got stats working... sort of.

I was able to get the stats up and running in Station Playlist this morning. However, there still seems to be an issue, that not all of the listeners reported in the rmo are counted. For example, SPL says 0, with no errors or anything like that, but the rmo shows 3 listeners. 1 from Spain, and two from the U.S.
Any idea what is going on here?
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