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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
PJN123 (Pieter) is a well known Winamp skinner since forever, it doesn't make sense he would infect the installer files..
Yes, probably a false positive. Extracted the content of ClassicPro_2.03_ymNFyxvIdaM_(2017-03-09).exe, then zipped the extracted folder and uploaded to Virustotal. Now it is 2/57:

Jiangmin: AdWare.Inffinity.c
Qihoo-360: virus.acad.bursted.j2

As you can see, Jiangmin reports the same AdWare.Inffinity.c but Qihoo-360 changed its mind and now finds virus.acad.bursted.j2 instead of HEUR/QVM20.1.0000.Malware.Gen. McAfee-GW-Edition does not find anything suspicious.

Then I uploaded System.dll alone. The result is 1/61: Bkav has found W32.eHeur.Malware03. Whatever has heur in its name is just a guess that it might contain malware. Not a definite find.
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Originally Posted by Sabine Klare View Post

I myself have made already my final decision, that all my artist works should be for the eternity and be available in the internet forever in case I myself would suddenly die...
There is no single perfect back-up method and none of the currently available kinds of storage media will last forever. Things can 'disappear' from the internet (for various reasons) and you may also not be able to access it when you need to (for various reasons).

I use multiple methods to back-up my hard, or impossible, to replace data and store stuff in multiple places. Back in the day, I even used tape! I'm glad that technology has gone the way of the Dodo bird.

The point is to make back-ups and make as many and as often as you deem necessary after reviewing the risks. The time and cost investment making back-ups can seem like a waste of time and money, but it beats losing stuff forever or spending more time and money trying to replace things.

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New version 2.03 (21 March 2017) with lots of changes.

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This is weird.

I updated my NSIS(the install packager) to the latest version 3 and updated the CPro installer to support it. Got it down to 1/60. But I see even the official NSIS setup file for example gets 2/61 so definitely false positives.

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Originally Posted by pjn123 View Post
Is Version 2.00 at DeviantArt with its latest files dated 30 January 2013 the same as the one that was available at Skin Consortium?

Skin downloads have been broken at Skin Consortium for a week or so...
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