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My Android App

I've been working on an android app because we got a lot of people saying they can't tune through links or the DNAS media player (excuse or fact? I can't verify) so seeing it as a challenge, I came up with a very basic but working app to stream to Android devices.

The app will only tune to our station (at present) as it is hardcoded into the script, as I said its very basic, a single page with a start and stop button. This was just to test functionality so I got a few friends to download it on various device to see if it worked.

So far the testing is 100% on device from 2.1(Eclair) right up to the Samsung S6. It is designed to be 100% compatible with all Android devices.

Would anyone be interested in this app? If there is enough interest I will work on it for a couple more weeks add some more features and release the source code.
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ARCore is Google's new AR stage. It supplants Tango as the primary AR experience on Android. The application gives you a chance to Online Assignment Help UK play with iotas. You just pick the one you need to play with when the application launches.
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Obviously many people will be interested in this app because many of us facing the issue as you are explaining. People always need modification & improvement in the features of the apps that they use the most. halloween coupons I think you can add an update version of this app with more updating features that will be very useful & as well as becomes more interesting for all of the users of this.
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Basically i want to know last 6 day's. Cheap Assignment Writing Services & I'm tried to downloading an app from the android market but all it says is 'download is unsuccessful try again ..' idk what it is my connection is fine? Any help??
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My Android App

I want to make an app for the Coupon Cut Codes but I have no clue where to begin. Can someone help me, please? Thanks!
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this has become a spam warehouse thread

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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I am Looking to create an app for free classified ads
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Australian Essay Help

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