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Dj Killa Mind
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what is this? yp.shoutcast.com gave extended error (Connection refused check shoutcast.com troubleshooting) i can not connect to SC to broadcast.. and it was working fine before i loaded Windows Media Player... now itz not HELP ME!!! Im Losing My Listeners!!!!
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Straight from the troubshooting FAQ...

S3. My server gets this error: "[yp_add] yp.shoutcast.com gave error (nak)" --
What's wrong with my server?

Answer: The SHOUTcast directory has refused to publish your directory entry for
one of a number of reasons. Your server should have an extended error message
as well which might correspond with one of the following:

* NOTE: If the extended-error message is accompanied by an IP address,
check to make sure it's the same IP address and port you're running the
SHOUTcast server from. If it's different, then something is changing
your IP address before it gets to us. This is usually because of internet
sharing devices or software. DSL routers and cable modems typically are
the culprit, as are corporate firewalls, NAT devices, or web caches.
We are working on a solution for the web caches, but if any of the other
devices are changing your IP, you will *have* to follow the instructions
under Connection refused: below to solve your problem. Listeners on the
internet will not be able to listen to your server until you fix the

* Connection refused: This typically means your server is not visible from
the Internet. The usual cause is that you're located behind a firewall or
NAT device (this includes internet sharing programs like Sygate, Wingate,
etc.). These devices block incoming connections to your network. You need
to configure these devices to map port 8000 on the device to port 8000 on
the computer running the SHOUTcast server. If you have changed the
SHOUTcast DNAS configuration to have different values for the ports, you
should map that port instead. The important detail is that the SAME PORT
can't map port 99 to port 8000 and expect it to work. It won't.

* Connection timed out: This means the SHOUTcast directory attempted to
contact your server, but never reached it. This is usually due to
ISPs or corporate networks blocking incoming traffic. Occasionally
this is because the Internet is tweaked and the directory can't find
a route to your server. Reasons for this can be as various as ISPs
around the world disagreeing on route tables, overburdened connections
between your ISP and the backbone, or just general net flakiness. If
it doesn't clear up after a day or so, ask your network provider if
they block incoming traffic.

* 404: This typically means you're running software that isn't a SHOUTcast
DNAS server. The only supported software for listings in the SHOUTcast
directory is the SHOUTcast DNAS. Occasionally this will show up on
servers with very very slow Internet connections as well. It should
clear itself up with time.

* 5 (yer banned booger): Your network has been linked to exploits of the
SHOUTcast directory in the past and is restricted from adding entries
to the SHOUTcast directory.

* 2: Your server is promoting specific technology. The SHOUTcast
directory is a place to promote stations, not technologies.

* 3: Your server sent incomplete or inappropriate data. Check your station
information for invalid characters (numbers, letters and spaces are the only
accepted values for most entries) and reconnect the Source plug-in to try again.

* 6: Something's screwed up on our end. Email tom@shoutcast.com

DJ Derrick E.
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