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5.5 & Yahoo! games

So there i was, trying to play some pool, and i couldn't... for some unknown reason it wouldn't allow the java console pop ups.... so when i restarted Internet Explorer without addons......( because winamp is the only prog. with add-ons i had running ) it would work.

So I tried it again...i restarted IE with winamp add-ons, went to yahoo, clicked on pool,entered the room, tried to host a game and nothing!!!

so i did it over, without winamp add ons, and it worked....

if this is a bug or glitch, it would be sweet if someone could fix it, because i love the new winamp 5.5... and it's totally killer.... just one more thing to fix...

p.s. hope i didn't duplicate someones thread....
p.s.s Dear Winamp Gods, is there a Winamp window sticker i can get for my car? i really want to advertise the winamp program on my car, i have a car with a pc in it, and use winamp as my main stereo program......i need a huge decal...and wondered if it'd be okay to promote, i won't do it without yur consent.....so Dear Winamp Gods...please help...email yur response to this...i would be happy...thank you...
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Winamp promotion

DIY ready to print on your shirts


PS: for maximum quality get the EPS version of the files (you need Ghostscript and GSView to view and print them, http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/ )

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